Forward Movement: Celebrating 100 Years of Global Ministries

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Cathy Payne Global Missions Coordinator

Cathy Payne
Global Missions Coordinator

The Edge of Destiny

The book of Deuteronomy is an encouraging record of God’s faithfulness. Containing the historical testimony of Moses, God reminds the people of His presence and provision throughout their 40 years of wandering and instructs them concerning preparation for this day of moving forward. They stand on the edge of their destiny and God takes them on a journey of remembrance. The word “remember is noted in the King James Version of Deuteronomy 14 times. God says “Remember.”

One key verse of this testimony comes in chapter six, verse 23, But he brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land that he promised on oath to our forefathers (NIV). This verse reminds the people of God’s plan and promise; it reminds us that He wants to accomplish His purpose throughout our lives. It is encouraging to remember God’s faithfulness.


Celebrating 100 Years

Recently while reviewing our history, we found a landmark decision that directed our aspirations toward global ministries within the first years of our fellowship. In the twelfth Annual Assembly in November 1916, during the Foreign Missions Committee report, our fellowship set the first designation of second Sunday mission offerings. In that assembly, one hundred years ago, we agreed to a united effort to prioritize a plan for missions. This was done in order to keep an awareness of the missions work in front of our local fellowships and to provide support and connection to those we sent to serve globally. During that season, foreign missions included the nations of Bahamas, Philippines, and an orphanage work in Egypt.

When you achieve unique milestones, an opportunity is provided to look back for a moment and celebrate. This year we remember God’s faithfulness as we celebrate 100 years of Second Sunday Mission Offerings and exciting investment in a global Harvest.

However, remembering Gods faithfulness from our past also leads us forward into His direction for our present and toward our future. The Israelites stood on the edge of their promise. They had to move forward to obtain the fullness of God’s promise.


Forward Movement Continues

We were recently made aware of one such testimony of forward movement through the missionary work of Dan and Gwen Miller, who lead and serve approximately 20 children in the children’s home and campground they have built in the nation of Paraguay. A mission team of 19 workers traveled into Paraguay, including the pastor and some from their local home church in Canada along with a few friends of the church.

The team came to build six homes behind the camp for some needy families within the community where the Millers serve. The homes are one room buildings with no bathroom since the community does not have running water available. These small homes are huge compared to the mud homes, or palm tree homes with grass roofs the families have been living in. In addition to the six homes built near the Millers, the team worked on four other homes in a poor neighborhood of Carapegua (the closest town). While all the homes were not 100% completed before the team left, Brother Dan has a construction crew doing the finishing work. Additionally, materials and supplies were given to a single father with two children to build a home for his family with promises of help to complete the construction. In the end, a total of eleven homes will be offered to needy families.

During the two weeks the team was in Paraguay, they led special programs and lessons for the children who live in the children’s home and supplied them with gifts of clothing, shoes, towels, pillows, and other needs. The team also visited two different public schools, ministered in local fellowships, supplied the children’s home with new metal goal posts and a volley ball area complete with net and volleyballs, and a new soccer field. The first soccer game included the children against some of the team, in which the children of Paraguay beat Canada. Of course, the Canadian team said they were outnumbered by around 15 players.

The day before the team left was a day of presentation and celebration. The team and community planted many fruit trees to enjoy in the future as plaques were presented for their new homes and prayers of blessings were offered to the Lord. Those from the neighborhood in Carapegua have inquired as to Brother Dan’s availability to hold church services there.

The team spent a lot of time with the kids in the Home working, playing, and just hanging. The kids got very used to the team being there so there were a lot of tears shed saying goodbye.


Forward Movement in North America

Another testimony of forward movement is the recent cooperative effort between Global Missions Ministries and our work in North America. Most of our past global missions effort has focused on providing a national presence and ministry supply in nations beyond the United States of America. As we move forward, we hear the Holy Spirit leading us to the harvest currently within the US as well as the harvest that is coming.

As we move specifically into “promised land” opportunities to respond to the Spirit’s direction, we are defining an inclusion of three regions within the US into the Harvest Partners mission giving support structure. This inclusion will facilitate connection and communication by promoting partnerships between local churches and these regions that have been approved for participation and where resources are not currently sufficient to minister to the harvest before us.

In the days leading to the official launch at International Assembly, more information concerning this process will be unveiled. Please continue with us in prayer as we attempt to become more efficient, more effective, and most importantly, more sensitive to the direction of the Holy Spirit.


As We Remember

As we remember and celebrate these more than 100 years of His faithfulness in our movement in global missions, we look with anticipation to forward movement; and testify that He has indeed brought us out from there to bring us in and give us the land that he promised. We move forward at His direct


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