The Value and Spiritual Life of Children in the Church of God of Prophecy

The Official Publication of the Church of God of Prophecy


The following recommendations were created by the Biblical Doctrine and Polity Committee together with a Children’s Ministry Task Force. They were developed to offer ways to apply the theological, historical and practical considerations contained in “The Value and Spiritual Life of Children” paper presented to the 2014 International Assembly.

We recommend that—

1. The Church of God of Prophecy prioritize this facet of ministry through its global vision and mission statements so that each local church values children and encourages their spiritual development.

2. Each local church assesses its present view of children and ministry to them using a diagnostic tool available through the international children’s ministry office.

3. Each local church develops and implements a ministry model that includes evangelization of unchurched children and ongoing discipleship of all children.

4. Every pastor becomes an advocate speaking out for the value of children and ministry to them and takes a leading role to ensure that qualified individuals lead children’s ministry.

5. Each local church provides a safe environment using the Church of God of Prophecy Child, Youth, and Worker Protection Policy.

6. Each local church provides adequate resources (human, physical, and financial) to support effective ministry to children.

7. Each local church provides ministry training and leadership development for those who serve children. Ministry training and leadership development resources and events are available through the international children’s ministry office.

8. Each local church provides support, resources, and guidance to families so that they may accomplish the task of spiritually nurturing their children.

9. Each local church is sensitive and responsive to diverse and broken families.

10. Each local church creates an environment that encourages children to be saved, live a holy life, and receive Holy Spirit baptism.

11. Children be incorporated into the life and worship of the local church.

12. Believing children be instructed in the meaning of the sacraments (i.e. baptism and communion) and be given opportunity to participate under the guidance of church leadership and Christian parents.

13. The spiritual gifts of children be recognized and developed so they are prepared for a life of service now and in the future.


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