The Person

The Official Publication of the Church of God of Prophecy

Ana Weathers | Westmoreland, Tennessee

There have been seasons in my life where I felt the presence of Jesus tangibly, more intimately than ever before; times when I have said, “I’ve never felt closer to God than I do right now.” In those seasons, I’m fully confident in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His promises. I’m completely focused on what He has called me to do and I am filled with passion to follow through with it. An overwhelming sense that everything is perfect fills my days. My friendships are strong, I’m filled with a sense of peace, and I always find myself feeling content. Seeking God comes naturally. Everything He is speaking makes sense and I understand it clearly. Have you ever noticed how much easier it is to comprehend something when it comes naturally to you? These are the seasons of life that everyone wants to live in. I’m pretty sure you would be crazy to not want perfection, confidence, focus, and passion to be the norm. I love living in that place, and I wish I could stay there forever. I’m learning, however, that to grow in my relationship with Christ, I cannot simply set up camp there, no matter how badly I want to. 

Just like seasons in the natural world, spiritual seasons change. As the season changes, long gone is the hope and peace I once had. Feelings of being forgotten, unlovable, and misunderstood replace the confidence I had. I lose my solid sense of who He really is in my life. Wave after wave of problems and countless situations seem to drown out the passion and clarity I once had. I’m painfully aware of my brokenness, failures, and mistakes. Anxiety and fear can take root, and it’s not long before I’ve lost sight of what matters. Frustration gives way to countless tears, restless nights, and endless prayers for a long enough break to just catch my breath. 

In theology, the term Person of Christ refers to the study of the personal characteristics of Jesus Christ as the second person of the Trinity. As frustrating as these seasons can be, they bring to me opportunities to learn so much more about who Jesus is to me personally. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That means even though seasons or circumstances or surroundings may change, He is exactly the same person all the time. He is present in every situation. He is for me, and He goes before me. It’s so easy for me to get distracted by everything going on around me that I lose sight of these simple truths. There are times when I must literally speak these facts when I feel overwhelmed. 

I was reminded recently of a verse that spoke so strongly to me when my family first made the move to Tennessee. Acts 14:17— “But He never left them without evidence of Himself or His goodness.” The most beautiful thing aboutJesus is how He reveals Himself to me. Through people, mostly. In the times of my greatest sorrow, He has been my comfort through a physical hug from my best friend. In the times where I feel forgotten, He sends someone to remind me that I am seen and that I am loved. He has surrounded me with a body of believers who encourage me, speak life, and love me right where I am. In moments of frustration, fear, and growth, He has given me mentors to listen, pray, and teach. In every season, I see the evidence of Him and His goodness. As we enter this Easter season, I am rejoicing in His goodness, His graciousness, and His unending love for me and you. I’m so glad He is a person. That the Person of Christ is not just a theological term, but a living reality.