Mission Focus: Pakistan

The Official Publication of the Church of God of Prophecy

David Browder General Presbyter Asia/Oceania

David Browder
General Presbyter Asia/Oceania

Christians comprise approximately two percent of the population in Pakistan. As a minority group, Christians often belong to a society of the very poor. While Pakistan is comprised of diverse people groups with differing concepts and visions, many rebel against government polices and peace. As a result, Pakistani Christians face many kinds of difficulties and persecution, such as the bombing and burning of our homes and church buildings. Currently the Pakistani government is using a combined force of honorable people and supporting the work of peace committees to resolve some of these challenges. Asher, the son of our national bishop has been recognized to serve on one of these committees. This has been a great help to our work and to the entire Christian community. Continue to remember our family in Pakistan in prayer.